Sophisticated Art Buying Made Simple

Through our exclusive relationship with LE BENNETT, art buyer extraordinaire Courtney Kass offers our clients the opportunity to acquire unique, sought-after artworks for the home from an international roster of esteemed artists. Courtney is privy to the inner workings of the art world and thus provides access to both exceptional emerging artists and established talent.

Clients of Annette Jaffe Interiors will discover that art buying can be light, simple, and enjoyable when done within the symbiotic relationship of our designers and curators. Courtney and the design team ensure the alignment of aesthetics, project timelines, and budget. Art can be procured to fit into the design of a space perfectly, the space can be designed to work around the colors and unique attributes of trophy art, or the designer and curator can work in tandem to co-create the space.

Art curation by Annette Jaffe Interiors
Art curation services by Annette Jaffe Interiors
Art consultancy services offered by Annette Jaffe Interiors


Contemporary fine art is an integral part of upscale interiors. Courtney provides our clients with ultra-personalized care as she assists in acquiring fine pieces through brokered channels and commissions original statement pieces. Whether you are curating an existing or developing collection, our art consultancy services will advise you throughout the process of discovering the perfect piece, negotiating the sale, and ensuring it gets delivered and installed with precision. Acquiring art has never been so easy; placing art in your home has never been so harmonious.