Old World Update


Step into the timeless charm of this Cape-inspired home interior design in Rosyln, where every detail speaks to a sense of belonging. We meticulously designed the family room and den to reflect our clients' roots, ensuring the space felt like they had lived there for years. +

They wanted the house to evoke the allure of quaint villages that characterize Cape Cod. To achieve this, we blended inherited pieces with carefully chosen elements that exude timeless charm and familial warmth.

We utilized English fabrics, layered patterns, and added trim to create a rich, textured environment. The color palette was meticulously maintained to ensure cohesiveness and harmony throughout the space. Warm, worn leather and paneled walls were incorporated with restraint and simplicity, giving the home a sense of authenticity and provenance. This thoughtful mix of materials and styles has resulted in a space that feels both elegant and lived-in, perfectly capturing the essence of a family home that has been lovingly passed down through generations.